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WORLDNET AUCTIONS has over eighty years of combined auction experience, specializing in Heavy & Light Construction and Industrial Equipment, Farm Machinery, Trucks, Trailers, Automobiles and Real Estate. The WorldNet Auctions staff is the most experienced in the auction industry providing its services to North and South America, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and the Middle East.


WorldNet Auctions is a "virtual auction". There is no physical auction site, the items up for bid remain at the sellers location until they are sold. The Staff at WorldNet Auctions will catalog, photograph, video (where applicable) and list all items up for auction. A full and detailed description is provided including city and state the item is located in, current physical condition of the item and details about the load out and pick up of the item.

On Auction day, bidders from around the World will attend the auction from the comfort of their home or office and use their computer to bid on items. Bidders will experience a live Auctioneer calling the auction in real time and will see live video of the Auctioneer or a pre-recorded video clip of the item up for auction. A WorldNet Auction moves just as fast as a conventional auction.

Voted #1 in customer service 2 years in a row!

Worldnet Auctions is one of the leading construction machinery auctions in the Southeast. Worldnet Auctions sells very late model dump trucks, road tractors, and trailers. Worldnet auctions sells real estate and farm machinery as well.

Worldnet auctions will buy your assets or sell them on a commission basis.

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