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CONSIGNOR fully understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of the sale of all listed items. CONSIGNOR acknowledges that WORLDNET AUCTIONS is not responsible for any physical damage, loss or mechanical failure which might occur to the equipment while in their possession. CONSIGNOR hereby warrants that the described property is free and clear of all Liens, Mortages or other Encumbrances and that WORLDNET AUCTIONS is authorized to sell this equipment at public auction. WORLDNET AUCTIONS is NOT RESPONSIBLE to pay the CONSIGNOR for any item a bidder may bid on and not pay for. CONSIGNOR will present WORLDNET AUCTIONS with any titles or deeds necessary for transfer of equipment, 48 hours prior to auction. ALL machines must be dropped off with 1/2 tank of fuel, or $7 a gallon refueling fee will be charged to seller. If there is a breach of contract CONSIGNOR agrees to pay WORLDNET AUCTIONS commission and advertising costs on said equipment.

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Worldnet Auctions is one of the leading construction machinery auctions in the Southeast. Worldnet Auctions sells very late model dump trucks, road tractors, and trailers. Worldnet auctions sells real estate and farm machinery as well.

Worldnet auctions will buy your assets or sell them on a commission basis.

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